Lower Body Essentials

Lower Body Essentials

Don't flip out! But we've got Fitness Coach Kevin Ng here with Lower Body Essentials that will have you ready to spring into SUMMER!


Equipment Needed: Dumbbells (pick a weight you're comfortable with)
Estimated Time: 30 Minutes
45 sets
30-second rest between sets

1. Deadlifts

  1. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly.
  2. Hold the dumbbells in front of you with your arms straight and your palms facing in.
  3. Bend at the waist until your back is nearly parallel with the ground.
  4. While maintaining a tight core, push through your heels, and lift the weight until you've returned to a standing position with your legs straight and your buttocks squeezed.
  5. Complete 10 reps.

2. Pulse Squats

  1. Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lower into a squat be sure to keep you back straight.
  3. Instead of returning back to a fully standing position, come up only halfway to shorten the rep.
  4. Complete 10 reps at a steady pace.

3. Alternating Lunges

  1. You'll only need one dumbbell for this one. Begin in a wide stance with the dumbbell gripped in your right hand in front of you
  2. Keeping your back straight, bend your left knee and reach the dumbbell towards your left toe. Your right leg should be straight.
  3. Push yourself back to starting position and move the dumbbell to the other hand
  4. Repeat the exercise to the opposite side.
  5. Complete 10 reps, alternating sides each time.

4. Calf Raises

  1. Begin standing with your feet close together and holding the dumbbells at your side.
  2. Raise yourself onto your toes, lifting your heels off the ground.
  3. Return to the starting position with your heels on the ground.
  4. Complete 10 reps.


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Estimated Time: 5 - 10 minutes
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