"KoreHealth gives athletes the performance and recovery tools they need to take themselves to the next level. KoreHealth's smart tech tools take the guesswork out of your training and give you all the data you need."

Charles Oliveira - UFC Lightweight Champion

"The KoreTense Resistance Bands are a series of stackable resistance bands to improve strength, mobility, and joint health wherever you go. I always keep my KoreTense bands in my car so I can work out on the go. I incorporate resistance bands in my daily workout to promote muscle strength, endurance, and joint health."

Chris Durante - Doctor of Physical Therapy

"I love the KorePulse - it has deep pressure spikes & can be used as a ball for tension release but also has a 4 speed pulse feature for localized vibration therapy that helps assist in the recovery process of sore muscles. Take time for recovery or make time for injury. "

Tanya Rockovich - Fitness Trainer

"Kore 2.0 watch has it all!
Touch screen, water resistant, track your exercises, track your sleep & stress, Measure of calories burned, heart rate, blood oxygen, phone, text, music control, find my phone and so much more!"

Claudia Olson - Digital Creator

"The KoreScale is extremely easy to use and tracks all the necessary metrics to help achieve fitness goals. What I like most about the scale is the design. Had no issues setting it up and connecting to the app. "

Dr. Tyler Van - Physical Therapist

"I would highly recommend Kore 2.0 this for anyone who works out. It’s almost like having a personal trainer. You can check your stats and schedule health updates. It’s really cool seeing all of the data. I also love being able to see all my stats on the KoreHealth App."

Leilani Fleur
- Fitness Influencer

"Loving my new KoreScale from KoreHealth! So many benefits from this technology you’ll never miss a beat when it comes to tracking those metrics. Stay on top of your numbers concerning your fitness journey for the best results!"

Jahleel Moon - Fitness Influencer & Athlete

"I love this resistance band kit! Comes with a super convenient bag that makes it portable and great to travel with. Straightforward, easy to use versatile bands. It is truly a full body blaster!"

Deb Myers - Crossfit Athlete & Nutritionist

"I enjoy this little blender. It helps me do life with ease. From hiking to the gym this portable belnder saves me so much space in my apartment. I can make my own shakes and smoothies no problem and I just add soap and water to clean."

Austin Talley - Fitness Influencer

"KoreTense allows me to get a workout in anywhere. This portable gym system sets up in seconds. My favorite part is that the resistance bands provide low-impact workouts that are easy on my joints. I never get bored and am constantly finding new ways to utilize my KoreTense.

Vanessa Allen - Fitness Influencer & Actress

"The is not your average foam roller! The KoreSurge not only does it have grooves that allow you to target knots but the waves of vibration stimulate the blood flow of oxygen and have improved my range of motion."

Edmond Laryea - Actor, Model, & Motivational Speaker

"As a colligate wrestler I am constantly traveling with all my aches and pains. During Wrestling season I need to ensure that there are no days off. KoreHealth helps me recover from even the mot intense workouts. KorePulse is the perfect tool to take with you anywhere."

Kyle Kaiser - NCAA Wrestler & All- American

"They are adjustable and their versatility allows for them to be used to complete a large variety of exercises. Everything from curls, chest presses, toes, and even squats. They even include a pouch if you want to take them with you on the go! Honestly, this has been an excellent buy and I can’t recommend it enough!"

Rachael Cummins - MMA Professional Fighter

"The KoreSphere is a dynamic recovery tool that utilizes HOT and COLD properties to facilitate cellular repair. We take advantage of the temperature extremes throughout the rehabilitation process and with our strength and conditioning clients to enhance recovery and reduce inflammation."

Mike Durante - Doctor of Physical Therapy

"Being that I’ve always enjoyed working out from home, it’s important to me to have universal and versatile equipment. With the KoreTense system, I’m able to train my entire body, plus I can travel with it too! I can take it with me when I’m spending the day at my mom’s house or even when I take my kids to the park. I highly recommend it!"
Alexis Nielsen - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

“Losing weight is infinitely easier when you know how your body reacts to different foods and workouts. It used to feel like it was a guessing game, but this takes all the mystery out of it. I finally know what my body is doing!"

Jay Silva - MMA Fighter

“The KorePulse lives in my gym bag and briefcase and pretty much travels wherever I go. It’s a must for those hard to reach and problematic places, such as the hip flexors, neck, and behind the shoulder blades. I also use it before every warm up for any type of workout. Whether I’m training, or sitting at my desk, it’s a lifesaver!"

Shanie Smash - MMA Fighter and Fight Camp Trainer

"As a Physical Therapist and Performance Coach constantly traveling and on-the-go with professional athletes, the KoreSphere is the perfect tool that allows me to utilize hot and cold massage therapy in a hand-held, travel-friendly way for effective tissue prep and pain management with my guys whether it is pre- or post-game."

Dr. Zach Colls - DPT, CSCS, USAW

"I needed to find an easy solution to tracking my fitness journey. Kore 2.0 perfect ! Love the step counter and calorie tracker! Makes everything easier for me. Not to mention it is also light weight I usually forget I am even wearing it."

Tiffany Henriques - Fitness Influencer

"Kore 2.0 is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that can even read through my tattoos! Many other fitness watches I have used are inaccurate due to pigment issues. Kore 2.0 accurately reads my vital signs, measures mileage, calories burned, and so much more!"

Mark Supik
 - Fitness Photographer & Creative Director

"Being that I’ve always enjoyed working out from home, it’s important to me to have universal and versatile equipment. With the koretense system I’m able to train my entire body, plus I can travel with it too! I can take it with me when I’m spending the day at my mom’s house or even when I take my kids to the park. I highly recommend for those who love home workouts and even gym-goers!"

Kennedy Kircher
 - Health & Wellness Blogger

“I put in 100-150 miles training weeks regularly in preparation for some of the most grueling 100 mile ultramarathons. I am always on the lookout for tools to help recovery efficiently and get back out for the next day of miles. KorePulse is one of those tools.

Mark Marzen - Mountain, Ultramarathon, and Trail runner

“I put in 100-150 mile training weeks regularly in preparation for some of the most grueling 100 mile ultramarathons. I am always on the lookout for tools to help recovery efficiently and get back out for the next day of miles. KorePulse is one of those tools. The varying speeds of vibration, as well as the textured surface, help to dig in and release the stiffness through my hips, legs, and back. I appreciate that I can take it anywhere, and make it part of my regular routine no matter where I'm at.”

Mark Marzen - Mountain, Ultramarathon, and Trail runner

"It’s crazy how many different exercises you can do with this. Seriously, just look online, there are hundreds! Feels especially good when you focus on the back and chest. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my flexibility. Not to mention how easy it is to take with you anywhere.”
Matt Alfonte - MMA Fighter

"The new & improved Kore 2.0 syncs up well with the mobile app on your phone. The price is excellent given the health data that it can track; workouts, estimated calories, heart rate, O2 levels, stress, temperature, sleep & more!"

Erica Boliek - PA-C/ATC

“I love the KoreSurge vibrating foam roller from KoreHealth. It’s unlike any other foam roller I’ve used. The combination of the textured grid and the added vibration is INSANELY GOOD. KoreHealth has really elevated the recovery aspect of training and like I always say, if you want to train like an athlete, then you have to recover like one. And thanks to Korehealth this can be easily achieved.”

Jerrud A. Cardona - Personal Trainer & Influencer

"One thing I’ve always been inconsistent with is my post-workout recovery. As much as I know about the benefits, I get lazy with it and just jump in the shower. However, that mindset is over! KoreSurge , I look forward to centering in any sensitive or knotted areas so I can make a quicker recovery."

Lascelles Lagares - Fitness Trainer, Model, Actor, and Influencer

“When I am on the road or constantly in travel this gets the job done and can easily be thrown into any suitcase or gym bag. Whether I am warming up my body or cooling down it helps me to never take a day off and always be performing at my best.”

AJ McKee - MMA Professional Fighter

"I love the KoreSphere because it’s so handy. Pack it in your suitcase, keep it in your bag, heat it or cool it, use it anywhere. No mess. No fuss! Perfect recovery tool!"

Becky Overbeck - Fitness Trainer & Coach

"KorePulse is easy to use and easy to carry with you, wherever you go. I really like the options for pulsing vibrations and for vibrations at different speeds. I can lay on the floor or up against a wall to use it, and the size allows me to hit all the main points to help release muscle tension and soreness after a long day of running."

Allison Dobbs Harrington - Ultramarathon, and Trail runner

"As a strength and conditioning specialist, I train athletes to prepare their bodies for competition. The KorePulse provides my athletes with a quick release of muscular tension so that they can perform better- in the gym and on the field."

Brett Siddall - Former Pro Baseball Player & Current Conditioning Coach

"For just a couple of bucks over a standard scale, you get so much more. The FeelFit app integrates with my Apple Health app and tracks weight, BMI, and percent body fat. Wow!
So simple to set up using free app."

Allegra Glatzer- Influencer

"When I have those knots in my body the KorePulse is great at targeting those spots and eliminating my soreness so I can continue to be great!!"

Dexter Williams - Personal Trainer & Influencer

"I love KoreSphere it's filled with a special thermal gel that can be heated up or cooled down, combining the benefit of both hot and cold massage therapy. Target sore and overworked areas on your body like the upper shoulder area, neck, and feet. It’s like an ice pack, a heating pad, stress ball, and a portable massager all rolled into one."

Angie Yon - Fitness Influencer

"My KorePulse massage ball has really come in handy. I love the KorePulse ball because it releases tension through a process called Localized Vibration Therapy. It sends pulses of vibration deep into my body to massage exhausted muscles, promote proper blood flow, and help me recover faster."

Callie Hocter - Lifestyle Blogger

"My new favorite thing is my KoreHealth Fitness Tracker! I can get accurate readings of my heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen levels. I wear this smartwatch every day to stay on top of my health like never before. It combines the style and convenience of a smartwatch with the biometric features of a health and fitness monitor so you have all the data you need to live a healthy and active life."

Oghenekaro Itene - Actress

"This watch is perfect for tracking my miles and vitals during my Sunday jogs. This was exactly what I needed nothing too expensive or complex. I was pleasantly surprised with how much my Kore 2.0 was capable of! I recommend to everyone, get yours and get moving!!"

Chelseae Johnson - Lifestyle Fitness Blogger

"Just got this scale last week. Easy to setup and synch with the smart app. Weight is accurate and I like how the scale tells you the change day to day. Lots of data to look at and so much to learn about everything that goes into my weight! "

Isaiah Richardson - Fitness Influencer

"This unit is truly amazing. The vibration comes with three different intensities and the size is just right for pinpoint and vibrates to help relax those trigger points on your muscle. My trainer used it on me in a myofascial session after my workout and I was amazed by it. KorePulse has drastically increased my recovery time so I think it was totally worth it."

Stephanie Joplin - Fitness Influencer

"The KoreSurge Vibrating Foam Roller is the best way to recover after all my workouts. I love using it because it helps target tough to reach areas, relieves pain and tension, and stimulates flow of oxygen and blood helping improve my flexibility and range of motion."

Kevin Ng - Personal Trainer and Fitness Influencer

"I use my Kore 2.0 to deeply analyze and track your fitness metrics such as track key health metrics like blood oxygen levels and heart rate.
I also love the call and message vibration alerts, so I don't have to be glued to my phone!"

Karol Sullivan - Lifestyle Youtuber and Influencer

"I recently started using Kore 2.0 Fitness Tracker Exercise Watch. I was looking for something that helped me not only track my workouts but also my rest - equally important, if not more! This fitness tracker does a phenomenal job at both! What I love most about this tracker is the insane battery life!"

Melissa Jarquin - Nutrition and Fitness Coach