Tips From a Pain-Relief Expert: How KoreSurge Can Save Your Muscles

Tips From a Pain-Relief Expert: How KoreSurge Can Save Your Muscles

Dr. Chris Oswald is an expert in pain relief.

He’s been a practicing chiropractor for over 30 years and a leader in the world of musculoskeletal and facial pain. In 1988, he founded the Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance, a facility where where chiropractors, dentists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, and other medical specialists work together to diagnose, treat and manage the most common issues of the 21st century.
He’s also the inventor of MuscleCare, a leading topical pain relief ointment that has been shown to clinically, and scientifically reduce pain, inflammation, and spasms in all age groups.
If anyone knows how to treat pain, it’s Dr. Chris.
This week, Dr. Chris is here to walk us through all the different ways you can use the KoreSurge vibrating foam roller to maximize your post-workout recovery and help your muscles repair.

What Is KoreSurge?

As Dr. Chris puts it, this is NOT just another roller like any other…
KoreSurge is special because it provides powerful vibration massage therapy PLUS a rolling motion to create an effect we like to call FOAMBRATION. The combination of vibration and rolling helps to accelerate the removal of metabolic waste products in our muscles, knots, and tissue damage.
The coolest part about KoreSurge is that it features 5 different vibration levels you can increase at just the push of a button to really put the power in your hands. It also includes a textured outer shell that can dig into layers of muscle deep below the surface in a way your old foam roller never could.
This is the future of foam rolling.

When should I use KoreSurge?

woman using korehea;th's vibrating massage foam roller koresurge post workout

KoreSurge is super effective before workouts as a way to increase your pain threshold and to prepare your muscles to take a beating but it’s SUPER effective in post-workout recovery. Per Dr. Chris’ suggestion, it’s great to use on sore leg muscles after running or cycling. Not only will KoreSurge’s innovative technology help to break up tension in your muscles and relieve soreness, but it also promotes proper blood flow, and improves flexibility and range of motion.

How Do I Use KoreSurge?

It’s most commonly recommended you use KoreSurge on large muscle groups. In the video above, Dr. Chris focuses specifically on 4 major areas where KoreSurge’s powerful FOAMBRATION will provide superior pain relief and muscle recovery. Spend about 20-minutes flowing through each of these exercises after a workout and you’ll be so impressed by the results.

1. Achilles Tendon

Prevent injury and eliminate tightness. As we mentioned before, vibration technology helps to increase the pain threshold in our tendons so there is less strain when we work out. The Achilles tendon is one we want to keep strong because it’s such a vital part of how our entire leg operates.

2. Calf / Gastroc Muscles

After a run or a long ride on the Peloton, our calves tend to be the most sore. Alleviate that tightness by combining the vibration technology with a rolling motion up and through your entire calf muscle.

3. Popliteus Muscle & Hamstrings

The popliteus muscle is located just behind our knee and just at the base of our lower hamstring tendons. Lots of blood vessels and sciatic nerves run through this muscle. When you work out this can they can become irritated and compressed, leading to tightness in your calves from lack of blood flow. KoreSurge’s powerful vibration technology helps to open this up.

4. Lower Back

You might not know it, but the nerves in your lower back affect the muscles in your hamstrings and the rest of your legs. When the nerves in your back are relaxed, your legs are relaxed. So, even if your back isn’t sore or bothering you, make sure to spend a few minutes treating your lower back with KoreSurge. You won’t regret it!

Thanks for the tips, Dr. Chris! Make sure to use the code FALLSURGE10 for 10% off your new favorite foam roller today!

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