This Smart Scale Is the ONLY Scale You Should Use from Now On

This Smart Scale Is the ONLY Scale You Should Use from Now On
Special editorial by Casey Brown, Senior Editor

Did you know that your weight is only one of the many critical indicators to your overall health that you can now measure and keep track of from the comfort of your home?


How much do you trust your bathroom scale?


Our bodies are complex machines. Without going to the doctors pretty much every week, it’s impossible to know what’s really going on inside the body.

Many diseases and injuries can be prevented with a clearer understanding of the state of our overall health.


Often, we find that our weight fluctuates up and down many times throughout each week, sometimes even on the same day.


For those of us struggling to maintain a healthy weight, it can be especially discouraging to step on the scale on a Monday morning to find that the number on the scale has gone up mysteriously...yet again.


We then ask ourselves if we did something wrong:

“Did I overindulge this weekend?”

“Was it all the booze? Did I drink too much?

“Am I not working out hard enough? Often enough?”
woman working out trying to lose weight korescale

The truth is that there’s really no way to know WHY you’re packing on pounds with just a weight measurement. Your weight tells you how much your body weighs, that’s it. That single number doesn’t give you anything else.

To really understand WHY you’re gaining (or losing) weight, you need to know WHAT weight is being gained (or lost). Foods high in salt and carbohydrates tend to cause your body to retain water, which can cause a temporary weight gain.

If your scale showed you how much water is in your body, for example, it would be easy to track and compare your daily measurements to understand that no, you didn’t put on five pounds of fat in one weekend -- you’re just dehydrated.

That’s just one of the many reasons it’s important to make sure that your scale is giving you more than just your weight. Your health depends on much, much more than that.

regular scale vs korescale generation 2
KoreScale is a sleek and revolutionary smart scale that can give you a better insight into your overall body composition and health by showing you the following 14 key metrics:
  1. Weight: Get a precise measurement of your weight in lbs or kg.
  2. BMI: Understand the relationship between your height and weight.
  3. Visceral Fat: Monitor how much fat is building up around your organs.
  4. Body Water: Check your body’s hydration level to see if you’re getting enough water.
  5. Skeletal Muscle: Know the health of the muscles attached to your bones and tendons.
  6. Metabolic Age: Be sure that you’re burning calories at a healthy rate.
  7. Bone Mass: Monitor the health and density of your body’s foundation.
  8. Body Fat: Learn exactly what percentage of your weight is fat.
  9. Subcutaneous Fat: Find how much visible (jiggly) fat there is under your skin.
  10. Muscle Mass: Find out how much of your weight comes from your muscles.
  11. Protein: Measure the level of proteins vital for the health and growth of your cells.
  12. Fat-Free Body Weight: Know how much your body weighs without fat.
  13. BMR: Find out how many calories your body burns while at rest.
  14. Heart Rate: See if your heart is pumping blood throughout your body efficiently.

The KoreScale easily connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and seamlessly pairs with popular fitness apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health and more.

Each weigh-in is automatically stored and graphed in the complementary KoreHealth app, making it easier than ever to stay committed to your goals so you can reach them in record time.


The secret to KoreScale’s impressive list of features and measurements is its patented BIA technology, which stands for Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. BIA is a non-invasive method to get an accurate reading on many of your body’s metrics by passing a low level and 100% painless current through the body.

The KoreScale uses four precision sensors to scan and analyze your entire body, and breaks it down into 14 easy-to-understand metrics to help you effortlessly keep track of your overall state of health.

It’s important to note that although the KoreScale can be a godsend for those of us wishing to lose weight in more mindful, healthy ways, it’s really designed to help EVERYONE reach their ideal fitness levels to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Whether you’re a beginner to fitness or a seasoned pro, the KoreScale can keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey by showing you not just your weight, but whether or not all of your key measurements are moving in the right direction.

person stepping on korehealth's KoreScale Gen 2 with FeelFit app
If you just want to know your weight, the KoreScale probably isn’t for you.

But if you want a more comprehensive picture of your overall health and fitness level, you NEED to get a KoreScale.

Aside from keeping you motivated throughout your fitness journey, KoreScale also gives you invaluable information that can help you make better choices every day.

Low body water? Drink more water!
Good muscle mass? Great work - keep it up!

Unhealthy BMI? Adjust your diet and ramp up your exercise duration and intensity.

It’s THAT easy. When you upgrade your outdated scale with a KoreScale, you’re one big step closer to becoming the ideal you - whether that’s putting on more muscle, losing fat, or just staying hydrated. That’s because you don’t have to guess anymore - the KoreScale gives the metrics you’ve been missing to unlock a healthier and happier you.

Get your KoreScale today and prepare to start feeling amazing!

Get Yourself A KoreScale Today.