Finding Time For Fitness

Finding Time For Fitness

In this post-pandemic world, moms now have more responsibilities than ever before.

Hear their stories as they share helpful tips and ways they stay committed to their health.

New Moms

Being a mother has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. But seeing my body grow and change during my pregnancy and after the birth of my daughter, Sofia…that was tough for me.
I was hell-bent on losing that lingering baby weight and getting my body back to the way it was before. I’ve struggled with body image issues throughout my life and many of those old emotions returned as hormones took over and would leave me feeling weak both mentally and physically. I was willing to try literally anything.
I had to come to terms with the fact that there were parts of me that are changed forever.
I decided it wasn’t about getting my body back to the way it was, it was about taking back that strength I always knew I had.
Sofia’s nap time tends to be my best option to get a workout in. For the first few months, I mostly did yoga. Now, I’ve started raising the intensity of my exercises a bit. I’ll hop on the Peloton for a quick 40-minute ride or do a booty band workout while keeping a close eye on the baby monitor.
My husband and I signed up for a new diet and we invested in a smart scale that tracks a bunch of helpful metrics like body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more, to keep us focused on our overall health and wellness, not just our weight.
Finding time to exercise, even if only for 30 minutes has me feeling empowered and encouraged. I’m more committed to practicing healthy habits than ever before. Besides helping me lose weight, getting in a workout, even a short one, helps to ease some of my stress and pumps me with endorphins on the days I really need them. And believe me – some days, I really do.

Quick Tips For New Moms

  • Make a plan with your partner and hold each other accountable.
  • Stay positive and speak kindly to yourself.
  • Focus on building strength instead of losing weight.

Working Moms

My life runs through my calendar. Nearly every day is planned to the minute. Between waking up and making lunches, to taking the kids to school and sports practice, and working full time, I’m booked. Without an organized schedule, I’d never be able to stay on track of everything. I try to look at my workouts as just another thing to check off my list.
Some days, I have to make the most out of the time that I have. Before I had kids, I could spend hours at the gym. But I don’t have that kind of time, anymore. Now, I prioritize finding the most effective workouts in the least amount of time. I’m much more focused on what I’m doing, rather than how long I’m doing it for.
If I know I have a conference call on my schedule, I’ll break out my kettlebells or my resistance band kit while listening in on my headphones. Or maybe I’ll do a run on the treadmill or the elliptical. I try to do a lot of cardio.
My favorite days are Saturday mornings when I’m free to sign up for Burn Boot Camp with friends. An organized workout class where I’m surrounded by other super strong women and loud music is good for me. We run, we jump, we sweat, and we shout. It’s our chance to escape the craziness of our lives and really let loose. We always leave feeling great about ourselves and what we did.

Quick Tips For Working Moms

  • Put your workout on the schedule and commit to it
  • Prioritize what you’re doing, instead of how long you’re doing it.
  • Take time to warm-up and cool down. You don’t want to be sore for your busy day ahead.

Senior Moms

“Since I’m not the athlete I was 30 years ago, it’s more important than ever to me to find time to stay fit. After all, I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up.”
After spending nearly 40 years working in a hospital, I’m aware of the importance of staying healthy and physically fit – especially at my age.
Back when I was a nurse, I’d be on my feet all day. Now, though, that isn’t quite the case. My house is a lot quieter than it used to be and with all our kids grown and starting families of their own, my husband and I have much less to do each day.
At my recent check-up, my doctor recommended I try to get some moderate-intensity aerobic activity for about two and a half hours a week – so, about 30 minutes a day. It will help to keep my rising blood pressure in check.
I don’t need to overdo it, but he put it simply – move more, sit less.
That’s easy on days when my twin grandsons visit. Those are my favorite days of the week.
That’s easy on days when my twin grandsons visit. Those are my favorite days of the week.
C’mon Grandma! Race me!
Throw us the ball, Grandma!
We shoot baskets in the yard; we go on bike rides - those boys sure keep me busy.
On days my grandsons don’t come over, I try my best to get out for a couple of walks. One in the morning with the dog and one by myself, at the end of the day. My doctor also recommended I buy a fitness tracker to stay on top of my step count.
I’ve fallen in love with tracking my steps. It’s a great way for me to set goals and to hold myself accountable. Ever since I’ve began tracking, my walks have gotten longer. I can only imagine if I had it while I was working at the hospital. My steps would have been through the roof! On top of that, it also tracks my heart rate and blood pressure.
I’m glowing in my Golden Years!

Quick Tips For Senior Moms:

  • Only exercise on the days you feel really good. On the days you don’t - rest up. If it’s not your day, it’s not your day.
  • Keep workouts from low-to moderate-intensity. Stay within your boundaries.
  • Invest in a fitness tracker to track steps and other important health metrics.