End The Fight Against The Scale

End The Fight Against The Scale

It’s a common saying you hear among boxing and fighting enthusiasts - The first opponent is the scale.

Boxers, wrestlers and MMA fighters alike have openly discussed that, despite the challenges inside the cage or in the ring, their first and most difficult opponent is often the scale. Pre-competition weigh-ins follow tight restrictions and deadlines. If you’re not on time, and on weight – you’re not competing.
We’ve all heard weight loss horror stories about athletes fainting on the scale due to severe dehydration, or competitors missing weight by as little as a tenth of a pound. It’s not uncommon to see fighters wilt late in championship bouts. That fatigue can often be attributed to a difficult weight cut.
In more recent years, combat sports began taking preventative measures, like hydration and body fat tests to ensure safer weight management and to maximize performance.
This warped idea of focusing in on one single number as a weight loss goal is unrealistic and can ultimately, become pretty dangerous.
It’s not just combat athletes, though. Many of us can relate to a difficult relationship with the scale. Misinformation and unrealistic expectations can lead to so much anxiety and a lack of confidence when it comes to weighing ourselves. The scale is often not seen as a friend.
Luckily, KoreScale is.
This intuitive smart scale doesn’t just tell you how much you weigh. Equipped with four advanced biometric sensors, KoreScale analyzes your body composition to provide more than ten crucial health metrics so that each weigh-in leaves you feeling empowered, rather than discouraged.

Weight Loss Done The Right Way

KoreScale is dedicated to changing your attitude and approach when it comes to checking your weight.
When it comes to weight loss, so many of us approach a new diet with the goal of:
I just need to lose “X” pounds.
This idea is so misguided and often leads to unhealthy weight loss strategies.
Losing weight is not about starving the body. Our bodies need fuel. Attempting to abstain from food will shrink your stomach and result in a lack of strength and energy. So, even if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential that you drink plenty of water and eat consistently - especially before and after training.
2021 USA Olympic wrestler Jordan Oliver has a lifetime of experience with weight management. Just months ahead of weight qualification for The Games, he remains disciplined about the way he prepares his body.
“We’re not even focused on the weight. We’re dialed in on hydrating the body – just keeping the body hydrated and strong.”
If he’s not focused on the weight, why are you?
For guys like Oliver, diet is an essential aspect of his training and preparation. He knows that maintaining a dedicated understanding of your caloric intake, hydration, and metabolism are so much more vital to healthy weight loss than focusing on just shedding pounds.
Water weight is the most easily lost and quickest to replace. If you are feeling thirsty, you’re likely not hydrated enough. Cut the juice and soda out of your diet and replace it with water. When you’re properly hydrated, you can lose up to 10% of your water weight in 24 hours without negatively affecting your athletic performance.
Along with staying hydrated, calorie balance is one of the most important elements in weight loss. According to a study, eating 25% of your daily calories as protein can reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60%, while cutting desire for late-night snacking in half. Foods that are high in protein will boost your metabolism while providing the necessary fuel you need.
When it comes to fruits and vegetables - go crazy. You can eat a sink full without any concern. These will provide fiber and vital nutrients and don’t contain empty calories.
The most important change you can make when it comes to losing weight is practicing healthy diet and exercise habits. It seems simple, but it’s the truth.
KoreScale makes staying on track so easy.

Your New Best Friend In Weight Loss

Now, you should look forward to each weigh-in and use the data from KoreScale to continue practicing healthy diet habits.
Keep track of your hydration levels, protein intake, muscle mass, and body fat so that you can see how different exercises and foods affect you.
It’s important to know what each of these metrics means and what is considered healthy levels so the data can help you to make informed decisions. For example, women tend to carry more body fat than men. Meanwhile, men will have a higher percentage of skeletal mass. Healthy BMI levels tends to hover between 18.5 to 24.9.
The more you know, the better. So, be sure to bring KoreScale with you on every step of your weight loss journey.

You deserve to see your scale as a friend that assists you on your weight loss journey – not a foe.


By: Brendan Scannell April 20, 2021 Lifestyle