Kore 2.0 FAQ

Question: What is a Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a unique piece of wearable technology that can communicate with your smartphone and display notifications, updates and messages right from your wrist.

Question: How do you charge the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker?

Kore 2.0™ is equipped with a magnetic pogo pin charging dongle and requires being charged on a USB 2.0 USB, please ensure you always charge with USB 2.0 devices.

  1. Attach the bottom of the watch to the magnetic pogo pin charging dongle.
  2. To charge, plug the dongle into a 5V 1A USB-A port (not included) or a 2A+ wall socket with a USB adapter. Make sure your power source is 5V. It might take up to 3-5 minutes for the watch to be responsive.
  3. Allow Kore 2.0™ to charge for up to 2 hours or until the battery indicator on the home screen is full.
  4. When completely charged, remove the device from charging dongle.

Question: Do tattoos or skin tone effect the Kore 2.0 reading my vital information?

Kore 2.0 's enhanced sensors provide accurate readings irrespective of tattoos or skin tone.

Question: Does Kore 2.0 work if I don't have my smartphone with me?

Yes 100%. You can work out, walk or do any activity and later sync to your smartphone. Important Note: You will need a smartphone to setup the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker upon opening.

Question: What makes Kore 2.0 a smartwatch and fitness tracker?

Like smartphones and smartTVs, smartwatches are considered to be “smart” because of the features they have to offer. These watches do more than tell time. Some of the features Kore 2.0 will do include:

  • Track your sleep
  • Track your heart rate
  • Track your body temperature
  • Track your steps

And always syncing with your phone provides all updates and alerts you need without accessing your phone

Question: Is the Kore 2.0 fitness tracker waterproof?

The Kore 2.0 fitness tracker is not waterproof, but it is splash proof and sweat resistant. Please make sure you're cautious as this is a wearable device. If the fitness tracker feels heated, remove immediately.