Full Body HIIT Workout

Full Body HIIT Workout

You better get ready to work!

#KoreFam trainer Becky Overbeck holds nothing back this week with an intense full body HIIT workout. Work your way through these five unique combination exercises that blend a bunch of basic body weight exercises I’m sure you’re already familiar with – and there’s even a little cardio mixed in! No need for dumbbells or a spotter for this one, but be sure to bring a towel because it’ll have you sweating! You can do it from anywhere in your home!


Equipment Required: None

Estimated Time Per Workout: 30-40 Minutes
4 Sets
1 Minute Rest Between Sets



  1. This exercise is EXACTLY how it sounds! Beginning with your feet shoulder-width apart, complete 4 jumping jacks.

  2. Next, lower your hands to the floor, kick your feet back and bang out two push-ups!

  3. Repeat for 10 reps.




    1. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart.

    2. Lower yourself into a deep squat, then push off your legs and do a small hop. Complete four squat jumps.

    3. Next, lower your hands to the floor, kick your feet back and complete four mountain climbers! (See next step!)

    4. Keeping your back straight, pull your left knee to your chest. Then your right knee. Repeat four times.

    5. Four squat jumps followed by four mountain climbers equals one rep. Complete 10 reps!



      1. Once again, begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and set up a mat or a soft surface just behind your heels.

      2. Lower into a shallow pulse squat (not quite as low as the previous exercise)

      3. Complete four quick “pulse” squats.

      4. After the fourth squat, lower yourself softly backward until you’re flat on your back and using only your legs and core, roll yourself back up to your feet and return to a standing position.

      5. Repeat for 10 reps.

        4. PLANK JACK JUMP


        1. This exercise is very similar to a burpee, which you may already be familiar with.

        2. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your hands to the floor and kick your feet back behind you.

        3. Kick your feet back together, bring your knees to your chest and push back into a standing position.

        4. Complete one small hop.

        5. Repeat the exercise for 10 reps.




        1. Begin in a standing position. Start this exercise with 4 deep lunges. Be sure to keep your front knee bent at a 90-degree angle and extend your back leg as far as you can.

        2. Then, return to a standing position.

        3. Complete four high knees by pulling your right knee towards your chest, followed by your left knee.

        4. Repeat this exercise for 10 reps! Each rep includes four lunges and four high knees. It helps to set a steady pace!


        Equipment Required: KorePulse
        Estimated Time: 5 - 10 minutes

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        By: Brendan Scannell September 22, 2021 Workout