Express HIIT Circuit

Express HIIT Circuit

Nutritionist and Fitness Trainer Bianca is back with another high-intensity workout that is sure to work up a sweat!




Equipment Required: None
Estimated Time Per Workout: 30-40 minutes
4 sets
1 Minute Rest Between Sets




  1. Begin seated on the floor. Lean slightly back so you can extend your feet and lift them about six inches off the floor.

  2. Twist to your left. As you do, keep your arms parallel to the floor and raise your left leg slightly, engaging your entire core.

  3. Repeat the exercise to the right side.

  4. Complete 20 reps.





  1. Stand with your feet a little more than shoulder- width apart with your knees bent and your butt low (squat position).

  2. Shuffle three times to your right. Continue to stay in a low position.
  3. After the third shuffle, push off your legs and complete one hop.

  4. Then, shuffle three times to your left. Once again, hop after the third shuffle.

  5. Complete 10 reps.




  1. Begin standing with one foot slightly staggered in front of the other.

  2. Jump into a deep lunge position. Be sure to keep your back straight.

  3. Push off your legs and jump into a lunge with the opposite leg.

  4. Repeat the exercise, maintaining a steady pace.

  5. Complete 20 reps.



  1. Begin in a push up position.
  2. One hand at a time, touch each toe with the opposite hand.

  3. Then, push yourself up to your feet and complete one hop.

  4. Lower back down to the push-up position and repeat the exercise.

  5. Complete 10 reps



Equipment Required: KoreSurge
Estimated Time: 5 - 10 minutes

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By: Brendan S. July 14, 2020 Workout