5 Things to Avoid Before Your Workout

5 Things to Avoid Before Your Workout

At KoreHealth, we believe in working out safer and smarter.

That means staying mindful not just about your bench press form, but also about your habits pre and post workout. The choices you make before exercising can be crucial to reaching peak performance.
You may have a checklist of things to take care of before heading to the gym, but there are also plenty of things not to do.
Here are 5 things to avoid before you start so you can attack that next workout!

1. Eating Too Much

It’s necessary to give your body fuel before a tough workout, but you should be aware how much you’re eating and when you’re eating it.
You should avoid eating a big meal before you begin any workout. Attempting to exercise on a full stomach can lead to cramps, bloating, heartburn and even just a general sluggish feeling.
If you think you’ve eaten all the right things, but your still feeling sluggish during your workout, the problem may not be that you ate too big of a meal, but that you didn’t eat the right meal.
If you’re going to eat something before your workout, opt for a meal that’s light and simple. Focus on foods that are easily digestible and are high in carbohydrates and protein.

2. Not Drinking Enough Water

Conversely, you never want to go into a workout feeling hungry.
We touched on some meals and quantities you should focus on – it’s even more vital to stay hydrated!
Ultimately, water is always your best bet. Water will not only boost your metabolism, but also allow you to replace the fluids you’ve lost while working up a sweat.
If you prefer something with a little more flavor, Gatorade is high in electrolytes and isn’t a bad choice either.
Just as you can eat the wrong things, you can certainly drink the wrong things. Soda should be avoided at all costs. You may think the high levels of sugar provide a bolt of energy, but it also will lead to a crash that could be detrimental to your progress.
Remember, don’t just hydrate before your workout. Continue drinking water throughout your workout to remain hydrated.

3. Static Stretching

This one may come as a bit of a surprise.
Most of us tend to loosen up before a workout with a few cross-arm stretches or maybe touch our toes a few times. But what you may not know is that those quick, static stretches might be doing more harm than good.
Recently, fitness professionals have concluded that stretching before workouts could actually impede your performance, and doesn't necessarily ensure against injury.
You should, instead, focus on more dynamic stretches like high knees, or jumping jacks.
You can also include one of KoreHealth’s unique recovery products as part of your pre-workout routine.
KorePulse & KoreSurge can prepare the body in a much more effective way by digging out knots or soreness. These products will help improve your flexibility and range of motion in the absence of stretching.

4. Drinking Alcohol / Taking Medication

Are you still feeling the effects from a late night at the bar last night? If so, it might be best to push that morning workout for later in the afternoon.
Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause severe dehydration. If you feel the need to work out the morning after a late night of drinking, just be sure to bring plenty of water and take it easy.
We recommend you give yourself an hour of recovery per drink. So, if you stopped by Happy Hour after work on Friday, but still plan on getting in that evening pump, maybe keep the “1 hour = 1 drink rule” in mind.
Similarly, you should be cautious of taking certain over the counter medications prior to a workout.. While some might cause an upset stomach, others may have more serious side effects.
Stimulants and depressants alike can lead to dangerous spikes in heart rate and blood pressure, and cause dehydration. Sleeping pills could understandably cause drowsiness.
With all of that said, if your medication is a daily requirement - of course - do not skip out on it for the sake of your workout. Have a conversation with your doctor about your workout routine and how you can safely take those medications.

5. Don't Workout Without A Plan

What muscle group are you working on today? What exercises? How many reps are you going to do?
Whatever it is you choose to do – set that goal and commit to it. Maybe today is strictly for resistance band training. If you’re looking for a convenient and versatile resistance band kit, KoreTense delivers the power of over 50 exercises and 10 machines. If you plan on doing a circuit, make sure you complete each round of exercises.
Go into every workout with a purpose and be deliberate.
By: Brendan Scannell April 6, 2021 Workout